Case Studies

At ES Skincare, we’re passionate about our products. We put a lot of work into ensuring our products are the best they can possibly be. That’s why when we hear stories from customers who have used our products and seen excellent results, we like to share them with you. Below you’ll find some of our case studies from happy, satisfied customers.

Esther’s Story

With the start of puberty at the age of 12 came the start of acne for Esther. After going to the doctors several times, Esther’s mother was told about our Problem and Blemished skin product. Find out how the product cleared up Esther’s acne.

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Riley’s Story

From birth Riley has had eczema over his whole body.At the age of one, Riley still was not sleeping through the night, so severe was his eczema. Using our Skin Re-covery cream, Riley’s condition improved dramatically.

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Tilly’s Story

Tilly is an “A” Level student who was suffering from acne over the previous six months. Nothing worked until she tried our Problem and Blemished Skin Lotion.

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Erica’s Story

Erica is a veterinary student studying at University College Dublin. Before using our products, she had suffered with Acne for the previous twelve months.

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