Case Study

Riley’s Story

From birth Riley has had eczema over his whole body. When he was only a few days old, we were told that because he was seven days past his due date his skin had become too dry and he would shed a layer of skin like a snake. We were told it was nothing to worry about, just to put olive oil on him and he would be fine. After about three weeks, Riley’s skin seemed to get worse it became very red and sore. His underarms were so sore that you couldn’t touch them without him flinching. So, after a trip to the doctors he was diagnosed with eczema.

The numerous applications of creams started and things seemed to start to get better. We also had a ‘skin nurse’ visit twice a week to help with the oil wraps and baths. However, it seemed that every six to eight weeks his skin would flare up again and we would go back to the doctors for yet another new cream, and even ‘special suits’ for Riley to wear. These looked like a polo-neck with tights – which looked awful on a boy! Even worse people would ask what was wrong, was he burnt!

At the age of one, Riley still was not sleeping through the night. I was back at work three days a week and my husband worked shifts. It became that I would get up to Riley through the night, every night. We also have a daughter – Charlie, who at this point was two and a half. Riley’s sleep patterns affected hers too, and although she loved to help with Riley’s creams and baths, I did feel that his skin maintenance took away some quality time that I would have had with my daughter.

Six months later the eczema was still on his arms, legs and feet, which became very swollen. This had an affect on his walking, and he still did not sleep or even talk yet. We continued with the prescribed treatments, including Diprobase, Cetraben Emollient, Sudocrem, Eumocream, Fudien H, Hydrocortisone 1% and Oilatum. Then on the 24th May 2013, I began discussing Riley’s condition with my client, Elizabeth, at the hair salon where I was working. To my surprise she had spent 12 years developing a cream for eczema, which had had some amazing results, so she asked me if I wanted to try it. It was called Skin Re-covery Cream, which is steroid and parabens free.

Elizabeth advised to skin test Riley for 24 hours before using the cream and all other creams had to be discontinued. I was apprehensive at first as we had tried so many creams in the past, but my husband and I agreed that as other cases had done so well we would try Skin Re-covery Cream. We were told that the scales on Riley’s skin would come off first and the skin would look very pink, as is new skin and would take two to four weeks to see this heal.

Diary of Application
Riley's Left Foot Before
Riley's Left Foot Before
Riley's Left Foot After
Riley's Left Foot After

After just seven days Riley's skin looks great and he has had his first few nights sleeping through. Over the second and third weeks, Riley's skin just kept getting better and better. Elizabeth advised us to continue with the cream three times a day for the next six to eight weeks and then reduce the amount. Riley is standing next to me now in shorts and bare feet, which is new to us as he's never gone barefoot before - he thinks it's great! The swelling on his legs has subsided and he has new shoes, one width smaller. In November, Riley will start playschool and I am now happy that it will be great fun for him to be just like the other children. I can honestly say that Skin Re-Covery Cream has changed our lives for the beter. If you or a member of your family suffer from eczema, I would advise you to try Skin Re-Covery Cream by ES Products.

Stacey, Riley's Mum
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