Founder of ES Skincare - Elizabeth Somapala

The Founder and Director of ES Products, Elizabeth Somapala has spent many years both studying and researching with a team of specialists to produce her product range.

Elizabeth first started to develop products based on request and feedback from her prestigious clientele which include royalty and aristocracy, some of whom travelled across the globe to her clinic in Harley Street for treatments. Elizabeth soon became known for her “niche” products for acne, eczema, body detox and travel, all first being used by and then receiving the Royal “seal of approval” from HRH Sultanah of Pahang. She continues to treat clients in Kensington, specialising in Lymphatic Drainage whilst incorporating her Fast Activ Dry Body Re-Shaping Wrap.

Elizabeth also offers in her Clinic, Gerovital known as the most popular and famous anti-ageing treatment in the world. She travelled to Professor Ana Aslan’s Clinic in Romania some years ago to research this amazing treatment. This research has shown the treatment can assist with the regeneration of old tissues, stimulate the immune system and restore the delicate physiological balance that is so easily disrupted by stress. Clinical trials conducted in Bucharest and other parts of the world have seen remarkable effectiveness for innumerable conditions, amongst which are:

fatigue ~ stress ~ depression ~ arthritus ~ chronic pain ~ insomnia ~ ageing skin ~ poor circulation ~ sexual impotence ~ premature hair loss ~ premature greying ~ poor memory ~ senility ~ hearing problems ~ parkinsons disease

From Elizabeth’s medical training, she has continued to work closely with many of her colleagues in the cosmetic surgery and dermatological fields, whom also use her products for both pre and post their client