Skin Re-Covery Cream

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Paraben & Steroid Free

Suitable for Eczema & Dermatitis Sufferers, dry and irritated skin.

Perfect for the treatment of maskne.


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This steroid-free cream is the ultimate solution for itchy, irritated, scaly skin. It’s gentle, soothing formulation is especially effective on dry areas of the hands, body and face. It contains the calming and healing properties of Lavender, Rose Otto and German Camomile essential oils, together with plant extracts of Cornflower and Roman Camomile and macerated oil of Calendula.
Our Skin Re-Covery Cream is highly recommended for Eczema and Dermatitis.

Read about how our Skin Re-Covery cream has helped our customers.


Aqua, camomile hydrolat, cornflower hydrolat, jojoba oil, sodium stearoyl lactylate, giyceryl Stearate, glycerin, cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, caiendula, phenoxyethanol, tocopherol acetate, benzyl alcohol, essential oil of lavender, german camomile, pottasium sorbate, rose otto

Active ingredients

Essential Oils
Lavender known for its healing properties, it accelerates healing and helps reduce scarring.
German Camomile contains high Azulene content which has a calming and soothing effect on irritated skin.
Rose Otto One of the most exclusive oils, it has been used for centuries for skin conditions and it is an extremely gentle oil but with powerful effects. Rose is renowned for its beneficial and calming effects on angry skin conditions and is excellent for treating eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skins.
Plant Extracts
Cornflower known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Macerated Oils
Calendula Oil has been used for centuries as its healing abilities are well known as an anti-inflammatory and for wound healing. Used by herbalists to promote the healing of bruises and for effects on chapped, cracked skin, eczema and dermatitis.

Roman Camomile works in synergy with the German Camomile essential oil

How to Use

Apply 2 to 3 times a day to the affected areas.


For external use only
Not to be used on children under 1 year old
It is advisable to do a patch test overnight
Not to be used on broken skin
Avoid contact with the eyes

Additional information

Weight175 g


50 reviews for Skin Re-Covery Cream

  1. Lucy B

    Best product by far ! My hands are so much better. Winter months are always tough.

  2. William

    For me this is the best treatment for my Eczema would not use anything else

  3. Katie

    It is a lovely delicate cream and does all it claims. I will certainly buy it again.

  4. Busy Mum

    It was great! Extremely soft and gentle for the skin.

  5. Nigel C

    I bought this for my son, he has very dry itchy skin.
    He is happy with the early results.

  6. Rachel

    I have experienced dry itchy skin over the last year, resulting in some bleeding. During lockdown I was unable to visit my GP so self diagnosed eczema. I have used various products and find that using this cream has helped. My arms and legs need a daily application which uses a lot! I’m on my third tub already.

  7. Kim

    I love your product.

  8. Millie

    I love this cream! I have tried so many to calm my itchy skin and hives. This works really well.

  9. Sandra

    Good stuff, calmed my eczema on hands and armpit. I use it on my face too.

  10. Daniel

    I use this everyday for dry patches around my ankles – it is an excellent product. I am a convert!

  11. Marcia

    Best product I bought lately for my skin during this harsh winter time.
    – It calms my skins and lips and the irritation stops.
    – the smell is wonderful light and pleasant
    – I recommended to all my friends and colleagues

    Thank you for making the earth a bit nicer with this beautiful product

  12. Happy Mum

    My 4 yo daughter had terrible eczema which had spread across her whole torso and arms. We got steroid cream from the doctor which didn’t seem to do anything. Then tried this and within 3 days it was looking better and after about 2 weeks had totally gone. So far no sign of it returning either. Like Magic !

  13. Patrick

    This product has transformed my eczema and I’m split free for the first time in years. I will definitely be buying it again.

  14. Daisy

    An Excellent product, milder and kinder than steroid cream currently on offer.

  15. Adele

    It took about 3/4 weeks to see the impact of this cream but I can honestly say this has been the most successful cream I’ve ever used. Throughout the whole of the winter period where in the past I’ve never been able to get anywhere near clearing up a patch on my ankle this cream has managed to not only keep it from getting worse but has eliminated. It has cleared all of the red and inflamed skin and I have had far less itching. Amazing Cream.

  16. Marc

    Cleared up my 4 year olds skin great

  17. Maisie B

    I’ve varicose exzema on my legs and just a once daily application of this cream has made all the small blisters disappear and stopped the skin from cracking and redness. I now use less moisturiser too, and the condition has stayed better so will continue to use

  18. Bill

    It is amazing it really works my skin is so much better

  19. Nettie

    Found this cream to be really effective on the patches of Eczema on my face.

  20. Paula

    This cream works quick to help clear eczema patches. Very pleased with it. A very good find!

  21. Katie M

    It’s working on my daughters skin, have to put it on twice a day and it’s been a few weeks. This has been so good I’m going to order more. After a worrying time wondering what the hell it was, it’s relieving the itching and clearing up!

  22. Sam

    I bought this cream for my daughter who had some patches of dry red skin. Having tried various other creams this is the only cream that has worked! works brilliantly!

  23. Robert

    My dad has had eczema for years and used many different steroid creams and moisturisers which have only had limited success. Since using the skin product he has had a very good response his eczema has improved and he does not need any other creams. He is much more comfortable than he has been before.

  24. Cherrie

    My daughter has suffered from eczema for years, this cream made a huge difference!

  25. Pat

    The best cream …

  26. Brenda

    My son had regular excema problems on his legs but has not had one in more than a years since we started using this cream

  27. Tilly C

    Really good. Applied it to my daughter’s eczema and saw a change in the appearance of the eczema the next day. The hard crusts had dramatically gone down. Will recommend definitely.

  28. Jill

    This is an excellent product. I and my son both have been suffering from long term Eczema issues on our hands. So far we have tried all sorts of Steroids, creams, treatments but without much effect. This cream is producing good results for us. I am glad to have found it.

  29. Tim

    i really like it, i have eczema on the soles of my feet and since using this cream there has been a vast improvement, would really like to order some more

  30. Nick

    It works! No more needs to be said.

  31. Anita

    Amazing !!!! My daughter’s eczema Was really bad. I didn’t know what to do as we were on lock down. I found this cream and it arrived a couple of days later in the post. I couldn’t believe the results after 2 days and now she’s almost clear. I am so thankful to have found this cream. It is a truly great product. Thank you!

  32. Lynne

    Purchased for my partner who has been suffering with eczema to her hands quite badly for some time now. Her doctor has prescribed various creams, usually steroidal based. Some work for a while but as soon as she stopped using them it would return, most often worse than before. Since using this cream her skin condition has improved considerably.

  33. Marilyn

    My husband has found that many creams on the market don’t help matters, but this Eczema cream did make a difference.

    Just about to order another one.

  34. Stephen

    Tried this product as a replacement for steroid cream!
    Very impressed with the results.

  35. Fred

    Works really well on my face and neck. So happy as I have stopped using steroids in these areas for the first time in 30 years!

  36. Brenda

    The only cream that works for me

  37. Stacey

    Helps to alleviate pain and improve condition of sore, erupted eczema skin.

  38. Nicola MM

    I am ten years old, It has really helped my eczema heal a little bit. It has reduced the pain and itching as well.

  39. Frances

    I haven’t been using it very long but have already seen a huge improvement. Skin feels soothed, is smooth and less red. Has taken away the itching which is such a relief. I will continue to use this cream. Thank you!

  40. Naomi

    I’ve suffered with eczema for over 50 years which has got progressively worse resulting in heavy use of hydrocortisone products.
    Skin recovery cream has been a revelation, after only a day or two the improvement was remarkable and with only a light application each day, the skin in my face is the best it’s been in over 20 years.
    I was a bit scepticalRead more about review stating Finally, relief from eczema after fifty years before I tried it but will be sticking with it from now on

  41. Lottie

    This has basically changed my life, hasn’t completely eradicated my eczema but it HAS enabled my skin to repair itself more effectively. Practically this means LOADS less redness and no trips to the GP for antibiotics.

  42. Nicholas

    Fantastic product. I used to get huge patches around my ears, and no other product did anything at all. This works perfectly (within a few days of initial use) Keeps eczema away and I only need the occasional top up.

  43. Ellen

    This product allows me to avoid using antibiotics to calm down my infected eczema.
    Applied to all areas of my body and face.

  44. Tony

    I have tried lots of different types of creams with little improvements but I must say since I started using skin recovery cream I have noticed a big improvement and my dermatitis is showing great signs of settling down well pleased with it so far it’s really helped reduction in the soreness and giving me some great relief still using and willRead more about review stating I have tried lots of be buying more to help keep it under control would have no problem with recommending this product hope this helps others to have an opportunity to get some relief from this type of rash

  45. Mike C

    From red, itchy patches of skin to pink smooth, soft perfect skin in just a week! Fantastic product! Can’t recommend it too highly.

  46. Dawn N

    Winter always a tough time on my skin. I love this cream. Really soothing.

  47. Nancy

    This is a real luxury cream. My hands feel great at the moment

  48. Mark

    So pleased to see this product back in stock.

  49. Alison Davison

    My eczema covered my chest in a red, irritating rash. After the first applcation of E’s Skin Re-covery Cream the redness and irritation started to disappear. After three days the rash has gone completely. I would recommend E’s Skin Re-covery cream to anyone.

  50. Mandy

    Treatment of my sons ezcema has always been a worry and knowing as a Mum whats best to use is very hard. I was recommended this cream by a dear friend and what a difference it has made. Brilliant product. Thank you so much.

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